In the early 2000s, OSF-SA allocated funds for specialised non-partisan based general voter education programmes including support for coalitions of NGOs, community radio coverage of elections, and producing voter education guides and handbooks.

  • In 2000, The IEC allocated a portion of its media budget to support the work of community radio stations in partnership with OSF-SA.
  • During 2004, OSF-SA provided support to CSOs to increase participation in the 2004 elections, this included support for farm worker and rural organisations.
  • In 2010, Grants issued to the Election Monitoring Network helped mitigate the risk of violence during South Africa’s 4th municipal elections.
  • OSF-SA has previously partnered with the Media Development and Diversity Agency, the Department of Communications, and the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa to train community radio journalists on reporting on the elections. In 2018, this partnership will be revived.