South Africa held its fourth local government elections.

It was a politically volatile period in South Africa’s history. In December 2007, Jacob Zuma defeated President Thabo Mbeki to become the ANC President leading to President Mbeki’s recall a few months later.

Owing to the changing political climate, the Board believed that OSF-SA should focus on work that also held power to account, including the South African Government.

The Criminal Justice Initiative started working on accountability within the criminal justice system.

The Human Rights and Governance Programme provided support for organisations working in the field of public participation at local, provincial, and parliamentary level.

OSF-SA began working more on budget monitoring, recording of proceedings in Parliament, and the making of written and oral parliamentary submissions.

In 2007, the Board approved the inclusion of health rights in its Strategy.

The Media Programme supported grantees to challenge state censorship at the state broadcaster (SABC) and funded work to monitor the appointment of Board members to the SABC

The Economic Development and Justice Programme continued to focus on education for entrepreneurship but extended its focus on local and provincial governments as drivers of economic change. The Programme’s work began to address South Africa’s high levels of inequality and low levels of economic growth and development.

2006/7 grants: 111