A Decade Later – OSF-SA Turns 10! The ten-year celebration benefited from a special visit by George Soros and Aryeh Neier. OSF-SA celebrated 10 years of supporting Community Radio with a commemorative publication: Community Voices Over A Decade: OSF-SA and Community Radio.

Reflecting on the work of the Foundation in South Africa and to mark ten years of grant making in South Africa, George Soros noted:

“Liberation is a tremendous source of support for this… belief in an open society, but it is now ten years and it may change, so it needs to be kept alive and the institutions of civil society need to be kept alive, particularly institutions that monitor and act as watchdogs”.

In March 2003, the TRC released the final volumes of its Report. The TRC recommended that victims of apartheid crimes should be financially compensated (amounting to 21 000 claims).

After sustained civil society and international pressure, including civil disobedience, the South African Government capitulated and announced a nation-wide state-sponsored AIDS treatment programme.

OSF-SA’s Strategy also changed during the course of the year, in that a reduced focus was placed on education projects and partnership work. The Media Programme continued support for at least 25 community radio stations, including training health radio reporters.

The Criminal Justice Initiative’s support for four major projects (pre-trial service, prosecution taskforce on car hijackings, Thuthuzela Care Centres, and plea bargaining) in partnership with the Department of Justice, began to show early positive results, and the projects were transferred to the full oversight and control of the government. New work focused on sexual assault protections and rights advancement.

2003 grants: 58