In July 1998, the TRC concluded its work after two years of intense and traumatic public hearings into the atrocities of the apartheid government. Archbishop Desmond Tutu chaired the TRC. The final TRC Report was delivered on 29 October 1998, one year before the second democratic elections.

OSF-SA set aside additional funds for specialised, non-partisan based, general voter education programmes, including support for coalitions of non-governmental organisations active in the Eastern Cape, KwaZulu-Natal, the Northern Cape, and the North West, and for community radio coverage of the elections.

The Foundation commenced funding SMME (small, medium, and micro-sized enterprises) programmes and supported youth development programmes across the country.

Funding for community radio continued and the Education Initiative worked on supporting programmes to ensure effective and efficient schooling.

In 1998, OSF-SA set up an Advisory Board on criminal justice work, to assist with setting up the Criminal Justice Initiative at the Foundation.

1998 grants: 92