Project Description

Thabang Ramakhula

Gender-responsive governance for women’s empowerment and political representation in Lesotho: the effectiveness of quota systems, the impact of partisan politics, and the merits of various electoral systems.

Thabang has an LLB from the National University of Lesotho and is currently studying towards an LLM in Human Rights and Democratisation in Africa at the Centre for Human Rights, University of Pretoria.

Thabang is passionate about women’s empowerment and gender-responsive governance that is inclusive of all citizens. She believes there is power and sustainability in community mobilisation, which raises awareness and consciousness amongst community members about their rights and position in society, preparing and organising them to take charge of their own development processes. She is determined to work towards a free and inclusive Africa where all are empowered and able to effectively enjoy their human rights

Host Organisation: Dullah Omar Institute for Constitutional Law, Governance, and Human Rights, University of the Western Cape