Project Description

Nceba December

Access by foreign nationals in South Africa to the right to naturalisation under the Constitution and legislation

Nceba is an LLB graduate, LLM candidate, social justice advocate, and aspiring human rights lawyer.

Nceba’s interest in the law started in 2012 when he facilitated a “Know Your Rights” workshop with other learners and teachers at his high school by introducing them to their constitutional rights. This first workshop led to further work with the Educare Centre, including forming part of its Access to Education Programme, where he tutored until 2013. Amazed at how his community was unaware of their rights, Nceba decided to study law in order to be of service to his community by educating them about their rights and helping them enforce those rights.

In 2017, he worked at the ANC Parliamentary Constituency office in De Doorns, where his role was to inform farm workers of their rights in terms of key labour legislation.

He hopes to complete his LLM in 2019 and to go on to become the best human rights lawyer in southern Africa in service of his community.

Host Organization: Dullah Omar Institute for Constitutional Law, Governance, and Human Rights, University of the Western Cape