Project Description

Antoon Mpho Ndaba

Advancing discourses on development, with a focus on South African land reform and food sovereignty

Mpho has a Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in International Relations and Media Studies, from the University of the Witwatersrand, and an honours degree in Development Studies from the University of Cape Town. He is currently studying towards an MPhil at the Centre for Environmental Humanities at the University of Cape Town.

Mpho is of the generation of activists that emerged from the Fees Must Fall Movement. He currently works as a media policy advocate and an environmentalist. As an activist in 2018, Ndaba co-convenes the Cape Town Chapter of SOS Coalition group, focusing on the promotion of an independent and sustainable South African Broadcasting Corporation, the (SABC). He recently independently produced and hosted the fourth Season of Cape Town TV’s television program: Free Media, Free Minds, a show that draws the attention of the public to contemporary South African media issues, driven by principles of media freedom, access to information and freedom of speech.

Mpho’s work towards climate justice saw him being included in the 2018 Mail & Guardian list of Top 200 Young South Africans. He sees himself as part of the generation of the Black South African youth, committed to driving discussions on issues which both public and private sector, often deems unnecessary of being inclusive of the voices of the young, black and working- class. In the quest to question the status quo, Ndaba proudly uses a multidisciplinary approach in which he believes community participation becomes possible and ought to be central. He founded 350Wits in 2016, a chapter of the global organization, where he started out as a student volunteer, eventually going on to become an organizer. Ndaba was instrumental in the formulation and implementation of the divestment campaigns targeted at the use of fossil fuels, as well as the funding of new coal-fired power stations, having overseen the May 2016 Fossil Break-Free campaign as the chairperson of 350Wits.

Ndaba is a member of the LGBTI+ community, working towards advancing and creating forms of solidarity towards bisexual people through producing identity-affirming work via a collaborative project called BeyondTheSilos.

Host Organization: South African Media Innovation Programme