Project Description

Kelebogile Moruane

Access to basic human rights and support for LGBTIQ+ youth

Kelebogile has a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Relations, Political Studies, and Media Studies from the University of the Witwatersrand, and an honours degree in African Political Studies from the University of South Africa.

Kelebogile is an international relations specialist with an educational background in African studies, international relations, human rights, gender studies, and politics. Kelebogile is currently a Southern African Development Community stakeholder relations officer for Australia Awards (a Developmental Scholarship Programme offered by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade).

Kelebogile has managed, coordinated, and participated in various international exchange programmes including: serving as an assistant language teacher and Tokyo orientation assistant during his tenure on the Jet programme (2010 – 2013); and managing the Japan Overseas Volunteer Regional Programme offered by the Japan International Cooperation Agency, where he was appointed as a cultural affairs assistant for the American Embassy in South Africa; and managing the International Speaker Program, the Fulbright Scholarship Program, and the Foreign Language Teachers Programme during his tenure.

He is passionate about issues of human rights, social justice, South African marketing, and regional development. He is a well-rounded civil rights activist committed to securing equality, transparency, and accountability under democratic leadership. He is an aspirant South African Diplomat.

Host Organization: Triangle Project