Project Description

Baone Twala

Re-balancing the burden of the realisation of human rights from the judiciary to the executive branch of the State

Baone has a Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in politics and law, and an LLB (cum laude), both from the University of the Witwatersrand.

Baone believes that governance systems that work will be reflected in an improved quality of life for the most vulnerable members of society. This led her to study politics and law atthe University of the Witwatersrand and thereafter serve articles and work as a human rights attorney at the Centre for Applied Legal Studies. There she worked to help people understand their rights through advocacy programs and to litigate to enforce those rights. She also worked to get repositories of power to protect, promote, and respect human rights. This included working on the development of a binding treaty to hold business accountable for human rights violations and among various submissions to Parliament on human rights issues.

Baone is currently working as a law researcher at the Constitutional Court. Baone is a Setswana name which means “belonging to God”. It is pronounced Ba – OHR – ne, with an emphasis on the middle syllable. She is interested in natural hair, food, and travel.

Host Organisation: Centre for Applied Legal Studies