Tumelo Modiselle


The history of gender and patriarchy in pre-colonial African society: understanding gender oppression and violence perpetuated against black women

Tholakele Nene


The ‘traditional’ attitudes of underground miners and mine managers regarding safety in underground mining with a view to curbing mining fatalities and injuries

Thabang Ramakhula


Gender-responsive governance for women’s empowerment and political representation in Lesotho: the effectiveness of quota systems, the impact of partisan politics, and the merits of various electoral systems

Sonto Dube


The gaps between formal and substantive access to justice for poor and marginalised populations and the role that community-based paralegals play in promoting access to justice

Silomo Khumalo


Disability rights with a focus on access to education and justice as enshrined in the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

Silindile Nanzile Mlilo


Exploring second and third generation migrants’ subjective position amidst post-colonial independence in Africa: identity, belonging, and the concept of citizenship as officially constructed by the state

Obakeng Terence Van Dyk


Advancing democracy, promoting constitutionalism, and empowering vulnerable groups through an analysis of judicial decisions on the legal status of invalid administrative action

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